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where to find women

Where To Find Women
by Rob Gray

Are some areas of the world easier to pick up women?

There are several areas in this world that I'd recommend. But I mean no matter where you go, you still have to demonstrate how much of a higher value you are. Going back to your question, bars, night clubs, those are great places to meet women if you're looking for one thing. If you go to church, that's another area if you want to find a good girl.

Where are good places to meet women?

You can meet a girl anywhere, but I mean if you're looking for a one night stand or if you're looking for kind of fast fun relationship, go to a bar or nightclub. If you're looking for something a little more serious, you got a lot of morals, ethics, and stuff like that, go to church, you know you can definitely find some good girls there. I actually like to do a lot of more activities like, go to concerts; concerts are great, especially country concerts, that's a great place for women. I can't even explain to you how great that place is, and that's something that I recently found out. I don't like country, but, man I'm telling you, they have a few beers, loads of fun.

Can I pick up women anywhere?

Yes. You can pick up women anywhere you go. Its funny, you go to the movies, say you're out with a couple of your friends, you're still going to be able to pick up somebody there. Talk to people, thats the most important thing. Talk to whoever, wherever you're at. Thats what I do with everybody, and people pick up on that attraction. People like it. You go into Java juice and you're standing in line, you know you're going to see an attractive lady, and in line you talk to her, 'hey, oh wow, did you see that outside?' Small little conversations everywhere builds up more of a relationship and a conversation and people are attracted to that. You normally wouldn't talk to some random stranger. The more and more you do that, the more you are going to have more confidence when you go out and people like to be around people that can talk.

If I can't find someone I'm attracted to while I'm out, what should I do?

If you're not having a good time and you're not seeing any girls you're attracted too I would still for practice I would go to the once that's aren't attractive talk to them what is it going to hurt you'll be sort having more learning experience and teaching yourself how to approach. That's probably a good lesson for anybody to learn is talk to people that you're not attracted to because those are the people that are going to be easier to approach because you're not afraid of the rejection right. Once you do that more and more and more start building that progression up to hotter and hotter girls.
Are there some places where women are more approachable?

You hear that all the time, parents met walking down the street. They talked to them and now they're married for thirty years. Obviously nightclubs and bars, that's why women go there. They want to be approached. We want to approach them. That's why we go there. It's an easier place, you have a drink, you're more relaxed. I would say overall a bar or nightclub is going to be an area to be approached more.

How do I know where to go to pick up a beautiful woman?

My biggest thing is try new places. It goes back to, like I said, be more comfortable. Be comfortable with your surroundings, that's why I say go to places that you've already been to. But, you know, also, it's good to go to new places, I mean, you've got to explore. Go to the bowling alley, doing things that you haven't done before, because there are women everywhere. Going hiking, doing all these things, outdoor activities, concerts, clubs. Trying new things, setting yourself, setting goals for yourself.

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