Monday, June 29, 2009

The Sexy Attitude

The Sexy Attitude
By rob gray

How should I present myself to a woman I want to seduce?

If you want to seduce a women, you've got to make yourself look incredibly like, higher value. You've got to make yourself look good. I mean this is you being well-groomed, well-dressed, having that personality, being really outgoing and present yourself like you're smart, you've got your head on straight, you know your not a druggie. People want to be around positive people and if you give that to them and they're going to run with it, they're going to love that.

How can I build my confidence in approaching women?

Feeling confident, don't go out all the time; go out when you feel good. When you feel good about yourself you're automatically going to find somebody. I know it, it happens to me every single time. When I don't feel good about myself I don't tend to get girls. It's usually when I feel good, I've got rest, you know and I feel more secure, it always works.

Should I try to pick up women if I'm in a bad mood?

No. You should never pick up a woman when you're in a bad mood, ever. I always say, "Leave that situation!" There's no good outcome at all with that.

How will my attitude affect a womans view of me?

Hugely! Your attitude is so important when you're trying to pick up because if you're the type of guy who drinks and you're always in this "agro" and you're all pissed off and something like that. What girl wants a guy like that? A girl doesn't want to be with an aggressive guy who's all pissed off all the time. They want to be with someone that's happy. So limit yourself if you are that kind of guy that gets upset when you drink. So, your attitude is huge, and so when you're in a more positive mental state, it's going to come across, and girls really pick up on that.

Why do I feel like phoney when I change my attitude to seduce women?

My boss always used to put a mirror right in front of our desk because I'm on the phone all day so my voice and my attitude is how I'm going to sell that product, right? If they're trying to have a conversation with me, if I'm trying to have a conversation with them, I'm looking in that mirror and I'm seeing myself smile. Even though I'm fake smiling sometimes they can hear it, they can feel it. So whether you think that you're trying to overcome this and you're trying to be like, "Oh, I'm having a good mood", people can still read your body language. That's why it's important, that's why I'm saying if you're not in a good mood there's no point of you even trying to pick up anybody.

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