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Seduction Step By Step

Seduction Step By Step
By : Rob Gray

What does 'approach' mean when seducing women?

Approaching is your first liners, your open questions like "Hey, what's going on?". Talk to them about anything.

Should I approach a women straight on?

You're making yourself look too threatening when you come straight forward to someone. They're going to back off. You need to have that bubble. A good idea is to come from the side. Less threatening, and more approachable that way.

How can I approach two women?

You've got to have more attention with the uglier one or the fat one of the two set, because that's who you've got to win over. It's not the chick that you're interested in, it's her friend, the ugly one or whoever, because she's the one that's going to be talking to her friend and her friend, whatever she says, matters to her. So she'll be talking to her after you leave. "Wow he's really nice." So of course you're going to pay attention to that one that you're interested in, but you've got to win that other girl over, more so than that other chick that you're interest in. That's huge.

What if the girl I want to talk to is with guys?

Make him feel comfortable. And when she sees that, "oh hey, he gets along with my friends", her guard is going to be let down. Those are the kind of things you need to do. That's huge because if you can make that guy feel comfortable with you, you're in.

How can I make women want to approach me?

The most important thing that I do when I want a girl to approach me is I want to look like I'm the most popular person in that club, whether it be talking to everybody. That's usually what I do, is I talk to everybody in the club, from the bouncer, to the bartender, to everybody. She's going to notice that. You've got to be a little bit more loud. When I go out I don't wear what everybody else is wearing. I make myself look interesting. This again is going back to your hairdo, wearing louder clothes, making yourself look like “that guy looks different, is he from here?", or whatever. That's important, and when you do this and you go around the club and people are coming up to you and you act like you're friends with everybody, they're going to want to know who the hell that person is. Again that's how you make them drawn to you. That's exactly what happened recently. I went into a club and I only knew a few people, but this girl kept staring at me wondering who I was and eventually her friend came up to me and says "hey, my friend wants to meet you."

What should I say when I approach the group?

I talk about whatever's on my mind and I think that's what people should do to. I mean you don't have to bullshit about everything. Just talk about what you feel comfortable with or daily events that are happening or see what they're wearing and talk about it, or their hair, whatever they like. Try to see what they're interested in. So how would I approach a group? Again, I would go back to, sometimes I try to listen in. My thing is I try to listen in on what their group is talking about already. I'll pretend that I'm talking to my friend and I'll kind of pick up on some of the things they're talking about. Then I'll use that, and then when I go in I'll start to talk about something that's related to that. That's kind of how I kind of slowly seep in.

How can I get a woman's phone number?

They've got to feel comfortable with you, make yourself look good, meaning you have to be happy and positive. Make it non-threatening like, "Oh, hey, we should go grab a bite to eat sometime" or "Hey maybe we should all hang out." When you say words like, we should all hang out, you seem like a cool person, certain things like that are non-threatening so that way you don't feel like, "Oh, it's just an official date." "Oh, here you should get my number, we should go down to the beach sometime" or "I'm having a barbeque this weekend", or something like that. It makes it feel less threatening when you talk about maybe more of your friends or hey, you know what I'm saying. That way it's not like a one on one type of thing.

How can I flirt with women?

Rob Gray Pick-up Artist explained that flirt with a girl can start with talking in soft manner by touching first at her shoulder , back or under the knee and other sensitive area of the body. Having a good eye contacts showing that he is very happy to meet her frequently.

How can I build rapport with a woman after just meeting her?

When you want to make and build a lot more rapport, this is when you've got to talk about stories. You've got to talk about what you do, meaning a lot of activities that you do to make her feel comfortable with you. Let her talk, as well, because that's another thing: the more she talks, the more rapport you're going to build up, and the more comfortable she's going to be with giving you information.

How can I get a woman to trust me?

If you want a girl to trust you, of course she's not going to trust you to the extreme, but you give her attention, that's what they want. They want you to listen to them, so hearing her and giving her feedback to what ever she's saying and having that convocation is going to build up the trust. For her to really look at you and having you hear and listen, this is a huge quality because it makes her feel comfortable. Building up trust with her, it's not going to come instantly, it is going to take a little bit of time. But you have to build up as much trust as you can within that conversation that you're having, not going off and flirting with a bunch of other girls. Spending time with her that's really what you want. You can talk to her friends, but you don't want to be going around right after you're done talking to her and go talk to some other chick and keep bouncing around to other girls because that's going to make you look like a slut. So having that one on one conversation, looking at her, watching her, talking to her and listening to her is all important.

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