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Pick-Up Lines

Do pick-up lines work?

Some, yes. Some don't. It depends on what kind of pick-up line is it. You know, if it's going to be something cheesy. I mean I hear girls all the time, like, my god, that was the worst pick-up line", you know. I don't believe in pick-up lines. And having that one liner or, you know, that opener, if you want to call that the pick-up line, sure. But I mean, I don't believe in them.

What lines should I use to start conversation?

Pick up what's going on lately. Look at what's going on in the news or just something that's going on in life and talk about it. Those are your openers. Don't talk about something that's completely off like politics or something like that. Keep it within a context that a girl would like to know about.

How will I know if the line is working?

If she blows you off, if she looks at you and you say something to her and then she turns her head away, then you know that line didn't work. If you said something that kind of interests her and she perks up, or if she's like; 'What did you say?' or she laughs at what you said. Those are the kind of indicators that you know that you either have a little bit of interest or you just messed that one up.

What are 'negs' and how do I use them?

It's a great term. Neg means negative. A neg is a liner, like a little punch at like hey is that your real hair color? Boom that knocks her down. It makes her feel lower. Or "you got something between your teeth." "You should get that out." Or, "you have got a little eye booger." Those are little things that make a woman feel insecure about herself. So she's this hot beautiful girl and you are kind of hitting her a little bit. Throwing little negs at her. Negative comments about her. And she is going to go, "wow these other guys say all these nice things about me, "you're hot, you're hot, you're hot." But she hears that all day long. She does not hear negative comments. So when you punch her with those, you totally throw her out of whack. She is like, "wow I don't hear that." So now she is interested in why this guy saying that? I want to know more about him.

What are some bad pick-up lines?

When a girl just goes, "Are you kidding me?" You know, don't be an idiot, that's it, just don't be an idiot. Don't say stupid stuff. I mean don't make yourself look like a fool. If you do that, she's not going to like you, you're done. You're going to make yourself just drop down on the ground. You're never going to have a chance with that chick at all.

How can I create my own pickup lines?

Think about what you are about to say. You know, rehearse. Make up your story. Either make up a story, or think of a story that happened. You know, be interesting. I mean that is so important. Be interesting. Record yourself. Do you sound interesting? Do people really want to hear what you have to say? So make your story like, fluff it up. Be talkative. When you freeze up there is too much dead air, and that is what you do not want. I mean do not get me wrong, you want to have a little bit of break. That is OK. But when you start to have too much of that, they are going to start fading. OK cool. Well it was nice to meet you. Boom. You are done. So that is important. Try to talk as muvh as you can or try to get her to talk.

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