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seduction essentials

Seduction Essentials
By rob gray

Can any guy pickup and seduce a beautiful woman?

Of course. I mean, if you've got the confidence and the appeal, anyone can. I don't care what you look like. What's the worst thing that can happen, they say no? You move on, you know what I'm saying? So a lot of people, they do need to get over rejection and trust me, I hate getting rejected as well. That's why I usually don't get rejected. About 95% to 99% really, I don't get rejected because I know who to approach and how to feel them out. You know what I'm saying? So, I think again, back to this is you really have to feel who you're coming on to.

Isn't seduction easier for attractive men?

A good looking guy can seduce woman probably a little bit easier because of the fact they have one more extra thing going for them. But in the sense, you know not all girls look for that, when they look, want somebody that can, you know be funny, you know they can laugh and enjoy themselves with. So, yes and no. The other thing is, you know, you got to take care of your selves, you know, be clean people like, you know girls love a guy that can be hygiene, has good hygiene etcetera. So, it's important.

What's the secret to seducing a beautiful woman?

The secret to seducing a woman is you've got to have confidence; you've got to break the ice, let her feel comfortable. You've got to make them feel comfortable. A lot of the pick-up artists say, you know, nagging all the time, and ignoring them the whole time, that's not that my style, really. I'll approach them, and I'll give them, you know, it's called, IOI's; Indicators of Interest, because I am in to them and, hopefully, I'll get those signals back from them.

What do I have to do to seduce a beautiful woman?

There's obviously several steps, you know. Number one, you've got to feel comfortable with yourself. You've got to have that confidence. Don't worry about getting rejected. Look around your surroundings. You've got to be comfortable. Every single time that I usually seduce a woman, it's going to a club or going to somewhere you feel comfortable with. I think that's probable one of the - I've never even really told anybody that, but that's just something that I think is really important to me.

If you don't know where you're at, you're going to feel really frightened. You're scared. You're looking at everybody else. You don't know if they know everybody. When you're at a club, and you've been there, maybe a few times, you feel more relaxed. You feel like this is your house, this is your home, and it's going to be easier for you to play.

When you're approaching a bunch of - say this girl's been approached by already five guys that night. Every single guy has probably done the exact same thing, which is, "Hey, you're hot." You know, I don't say that to a girl. I never say that to a girl. I mean, after a time, yeah, I will. But that's what every single guy is doing. So you've got to stand out, you've got to be different.

What makes you different is talk about something completely different. Talk about a story. Like, hey, did you see that fight outside? Or talk about something maybe that she might be interested in. Who knows if they're interested, but hear some of their conversation when they're talking with one of their friends, and maybe butt in. Those are great ways of kind of capturing and seducing that woman, and knowing that you're listening.

What's the biggest mistake men make when trying to seduce a woman?

They're standing there with their drink in their hand, they're back by the wall. They may be glancing at her, she's looking at them, she's talking with her friends. He's hoping that she'll approach him. Granted, sometimes it does happen. Sometimes girls have more balls than guys, and they'll go up to them and say, "Hey, you're hot," or "What are you doing here?" et cetera. But that very rarely happens. Girls want to be approached. Girls want a guy that's in charge. That's our role.

What personality traits will help me seduce women?

The most important personality trait; I do not want you to change your personality but I want you to understand like what girls really like, personality trait is somebody that's high energy, somebody that's you know fullest smile. That's huge, smile all the time, you know. Girls want to be around positive and happy people. That's what feeds their energy. If you were somebody that has low, who wants to be with that? They want to be around somebody that's positive makes them feel good. that Is the most important personality trait

Do I have to be rich to seduce women?

No, you don't have to be rich to seduce a woman. But make yourself... you don't have to look rich, but make yourself look attractive. Make yourself appealing. That's what they're looking for.

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