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seduction signals

Seduction Signals
By Rob Gray

What does IOI mean?

IOI stands for 'indicator of interest'. For instance, if you're throwing out an IOI, you're saying, "Hey, you've got a beautiful dress on." Or, "Oh, you look really pretty in that." Et cetera, those are the kind of IOIs. Same thing with her, if she's telling you, "You know, I really like the way you style your hair." Or, "I really like that shirt on you, you look great." Again, those are IOIs.

If a woman makes eye contact with me, what should I do?

If she staring on you, that's basically the same thing...she keeps staring on you or keeps glancing at you, that's her way of saying, "You, you come here, come here." That's it! That's exactly what it is. She just wanted you to do it.

What signals tell a woman I'm interested in her?

It's your body language, it's your demeanor, it's, the way you smile. I mean that's another thing I wanted to mention to you is smile every single time you find anybody attractive. Like today I went to the post office. Attractive girl. I was walking right by her, she was with her little dog. Smiled right at her. What's it gonna hurt? She smiled right back at me and she said, "Hello." I mean, wow. I mean, this is a great example. It's just so easy but yet it happens. The more and more you do that, the better communication and the more chances you have.

What does it mean when a woman touches her hair or lips when I'm talking to her?

That's definitely an IOI, where she wants you to notice her. Girls do that all the time. When she's flicking her hair, she's moving her hair, that's an IOI. She's showing you, she's flaunting her sh**, is what she's doing, so she wants you to look at her. She's trying to get your attention.

Why would a woman I'm interested in tell me she thinks another guy is attractive?

It's two things: either she could, you know, she's not interested. Or I think she may be, like looking to test the waters to see if, you know, she can make you a little jealous, 'cause they've done that to me before. And I've still been able to take that one home.

How do I know whether I should keep talking to her?

Again, it is body language. If you see her and she is giving you interests of like she touches you, you know on your shoulder or anywhere, flickering her eyes or her eyelashes, you know. Those are things that you are certain to sense that "You know what, this girl might be interested in me." Or she is really listening to you. If she is not then you know it is time to leave.

How do I know when I should walk away?

She's off, not even listening to you. It's happened to me, it's happened to I think everybody. When she's thinking about something else, or she starts talking to her friends, you know she's not interested, so leave her alone. Go somewhere else, don't waste your time. You'll find another one.

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