Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sign language compliments

Sign Language Compliments
by Chris Illuminati

Women love compliments. They live for them, yearn for them and sometimes even fish for them. Why do they pine for voiced appreciation so badly? Probably because, for men, giving a compliment is as natural as not hitting the bowl rim while peeing or going an hour without thinking about sex -- it’s impossible. (See: I just thought about sex.)

A woman would love to hear a man compliment her on the way she looks, how funny she is and how interesting her thoughts are. How would she feel if she got that compliment in the form of sign language?

Sign language is easier than it looks. Just a few minutes and a guy can master hundreds of sweet things to say to his partner.

(deepika padukone)

Here are some simple sign language compliments to learn that will not only score you points with your woman, but show it is possible to teach an old dog some new tricks (except that peeing issue -- that’s going to take practice).
  1. i could talk to you all night long

    This is obviously a lie. No guy wants to talk all night long. Hell, no woman wants to talk all night long, but it’s an incredibly nice thing to say. Give her this sign that you would love talking to her all night and she might throw you a sign that says: “Screw talking, let’s get to some action.” It’s not a hand signal but you will know when it happens.

  2. that is a great outfit

    The outfit she is wearing was the 800th clothing option for the evening. She put it on and took it off no less than 20 times. Sign that you love her outfit and it shows you are not only paying attention to the way she gets dressed for these meetings, but that her choice was a wise one (even though many of the 800 would have been fine). Make sure to go as far as to pick out an exact piece of clothing to highlight. The shoes are always a smart choice

  3. i'm having a great time
  4. you crack me up
  5. you're definitely the hottest of your group
  6. i like the way your mind works
  7. do you work out

    Women struggle with their body image. Even if they look fantastic and treat their body like a well-oiled machine, women still think their physiques need improvement in certain areas. Let her know her body looks fantastic with this hand gesture. If she says yes, apologize for asking such an obvious question. If she says no, tell her she has a body most women would die for. It’s a body you’d die for, but in a different way (don’t sign that).

  8. you have an amazing smile

    Actually getting her to smile is going to be your first goal -- try saying something witty at least once. Once she flashes the pearly whites, let her know how amazing her smile is with this simple sign. Women take as much pride in their teeth these days as they do their hair and nails. A simple compliment about her smile will get her to smile more, even when you crack your next dumb joke.

  9. your hair looks great

    Men don’t realize how much it costs for a woman to get her hair done. It doesn’t matter if it’s cutting it, coloring it or even blow-drying it, hair is the first thing women attend to when getting ready for a date.

    She has spent hours on getting her hair to look like she hasn’t spent hours on it, so sign off a quick compliment about how great her hair looks.

  10. you look beautiful

    it’s a no-brainer that women love to be complimented on the way they look -- especially because of the amount of time, effort and money they put into making themselves look so good. You’d be surprised how many guys fail to notice or even say a word.

    A simple compliment about how great she looks is the perfect way to get things going on a good note. Give her the sign that she looks fantastic the moment she walks in the door.

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