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How To Deal With A Woman Who Plays Hard To Get

Dating Tips:
How To Deal With A Woman Who Plays Hard To Get

Dating Tips: How To Deal With A Woman Who Plays Hard To Get : Men, hereMen, here's your break, we're going to tell you what it means when a girl plays hard to get, and how to deal with it.

Step 1: Getting attention

She looked over and caught your eye, but immediately looked away. But what's this? - look at those flirting signals, the hair flick, showing a little leg - she's working it, she wants you to approach.

These are text book tactics - she doesn't want to look desperate by encouraging you over - that's the female equivalent of strapping a mattress to her back and having done with it. But she's singled you out with 'the look' and is in full flirt mode, the sign she wants your attention. If you're unsure, wait a minute and she will look over again... told you so, be a man and approach.

Step 2: Getting her number

Go on big guy, take the plunge and ask for her number, just be prepared for her excuses not to give it. This isn't a rejection, it's a test, the reasons for which are 3 fold.

1. Giving away her number to every shulck, sorry er, chancer, who asks will make her look easy.
2. She wants a go-getting Mr Big, not some wimp who gives up at the first hurdle
3. She might've had bad experiences before and needs assurance

Be a bit cocky and immediately ask again. Chances are you'll get those digits - BINGO. If she's still refusing - take the hint and take a hike, this lady is not for you.

Step 3: Telephone technique

When you do actually call her she won't be picking up, believe us. This girl knows how to play the game, it will go straight through to voicemail. She wants you to think she's too busy doing other exciting things. In reality, she's just waiting for the phone to ring. IT'S A GAME.

Leave a message with your phone number, and expect a reply in 1, maybe 2 days. Remember, she's playing it cool. And she needs the time to discuss the situation with her friends.

When you do finally hear from her, she'll be aloof, non committal, and definitely 'too busy' to make your suggested date. But just when you are about to give up, she'll suggest another date. That window of hope tells you it ain't over yet. FYI - She's not doing this to wind you up, she just wants to see how serious you are about her.

Step 4: Conversation

The last thing someone playing hard to get wants to do is appear eager, so she'll try to create the aura of an enigma, an ice queen who doesn't give too much away. This is quite a hard thing to pull off, believe me, so don't be surprised if she slips from chatty and interested, to giving you the cold shoulder. Act like you haven't noticed her odd behaviour - and don't let it get to you.

She might even start flirting with other men, or mention 'Brad', who's the 'great guy' she 'always hangs out with'. This is because she's been told to do this in magazines, it's meant to make you jealous.

Step 5: The long run

If you think she's worth it, stick in there. As she gets to know you, and realizes you are a genuine guy her guard will drop and she'll stop the dating tactics.

However, some girls make a career out of playing hard to get, so if she doesn't let up, ditch the game player and find a more straight forward girl. You're worth it too

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