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be the guy she lust after

Be The Guy She Lusts After
by David DeAngelo

Every guy wants to be the kind of man that women secretly lust after, but few know how to make this happen. Pickup lines, fashion makeovers, even plastic surgery… none of that helps in the slightest if you don’t have a deep understanding of what turns a woman on.

The fact is you usually only get one chance to prove you’re man enough to light her fire.

Here are 10 tips to guarantee that you ignite intense, throbbing passions she can’t deny.

  1. If you screw up, go back to what works
  2. Touch is powerful medicine
  3. Don’t blow it when it’s going well
  4. Awaken the sleeping beast
  5. Treat a woman’s turn-ons as arbitrary

  6. Commit to boosting your Sexual Confidence
  7. Put her beauty in perspective
  8. Notice what’s going on inside of you and her
  9. Become a master of Sexual Tension
  10. Her mind decides what her body already wants

Explanation above
  1. If you screw up, go back to what works

    If you screw up at some point, start to think about Wussing out, or do or say something that’s a complete mistake, and she gives you that “what was that?” look… just give her a slow, sly smile, be silent, and get back to what works.

    What’s going on in your mind is NOT what’s going on in hers. YOU control how she sees it AFTER the fact. Keep your cool, calm composure, and get back to the business at hand.

  2. Touch is powerful medicine

    Human touch, in the right context, can affect someone powerfully.

    Touching releases powerful chemicals in the body -- chemicals she can literally FEEL. I’ve found that WAITING to touch in any kind of sexual way allows the tension to build and build.

    Learn to touch in many ways -- light, slow, deep, intense, in more than one place at once, etc. -- and pay attention to how she responds.

    This is a direct path to those intense, throbbing passions she's hoping you’ll release deep inside her.

  3. Don’t blow it when it’s going well

    If you want to have sexual success with women, you need to close the deal. Don’t take the ball 99 yards down the field, then change your strategy and start telling her how much you care about her or start discussing your insecurities.

    This is a very dangerous moment to start being a Wuss, so don’t do it! Salesman who are too nice and talk too much FAIL. Don’t be a statistic.

  4. Awaken the sleeping beast

    Many women have had so little good sex that they’ve become what you might call SEXUALLY DORMANT.

    Women seem to have this natural response when they’re at a time in their lives when they don’t have enjoyable sexual interaction… and they seem to accept it and “live with it” better than men.

    Waking up her sexuality with care and skill can unleash a beast that was sleeping inside of her, so don’t be surprised if and when it happens.

    When it does happen, be prepared to deal with the monster because YOU were the one who woke it up.

  5. Treat a woman’s turn-ons as arbitrary

    Most guys try to use logic to figure out what turns a woman on. This is a HUGE MISTAKE.

    Realize that the things that turn a woman on are arbitrary and random. Don’t think of them logically.

    First, be open to learning what these arbitrary triggers are, whatever they may be.

    Next, learn how to master these areas so you can press her buttons at any time.

    Only AFTER mastering this skill should you allow your “logic” back in to analyze what’s going on.

  6. Commit to boosting your Sexual Confidence

    At the core of many men’s fear of women and lack of charisma around them is the lack of Sexual Confidence and understanding of sexuality.

    If you learn how to make a woman feel pleasure that will blow her mind, every aspect of women -- including approaching them -- can become a fantastic and enjoyable event.

    Sexual Confidence comes from knowing that you will be the guy that makes her forget everything outside, and feel and experience things inside that she’s always wanted.

    This will lead you to INCREDIBLE success with women.

  7. Put her beauty in perspective

    Most men unconsciously and automatically credit beautiful women with positive character traits (like being innocent, trustworthy, etc).

    Psychologists call this the “halo effect.” It’s important to get past this unbalanced view. Realize that every woman has both sides and look for evidence of both at all times. Approach any woman knowing that she has a light AND a dark side.

    Never give a woman any extra credit because of her appearance or because of your attraction to her.

    If you do, you’ll stack the deck in HER favor, and you’ll quickly lose the game.

  8. Notice what’s going on inside of you and her

    If you want to be the kind of guy women lust after, you need to continually monitor what’s going on inside of you, and what results you’re getting with her.

    Start with yourself: When are you seeking her approval? When are you explaining yourself to her? When do you feel the need to share the intensity of your emotions?

    Also pay attention to what’s going on with her: When does she pull away because you were leaning, needy or clingy? When is she disappointed because you gave in and acted like a Wussy?

    All of these observations will take your sexual awareness to the next level and make you a much sexier man in her eyes.

  9. Become a master of Sexual Tension

    Whenever you’re flirting with a woman, even if the conversation is completely unrelated to sex, there is an unconscious awareness that it COULD lead to sex. I call this idea Sexual Tension.

    Even though you’re not talking about sex, you both know that this interaction could be “step 1” on the way to potential intimacy.

    I’ve learned that actively avoiding the topic of sex, and focusing instead on creating this Sexual Tension is one of the single best ways to lead the interaction to a physical level quickly. Maintain this tension and increase its intensity, and you’ll be on the royal road to a sexually intimate future.

  10. Her mind decides what her body already wants

    The path to turning on a woman isn’t through her mind, it’s through her EMOTIONS.

    If she doesn’t feel physically or emotionally turned on, then all she has is her mind to decide with and the decision will almost ALWAYS be “no.” But if she IS physically or emotionally turned on, she won’t need to make a decision about you because it’s already been made.

    Learn to get her emotions turned on first, then her body, and never, EVER try to logically “convince” her to get turned on. It NEVER works.
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i could talk to you all night long

"I could talk to you all night long."

This is obviously a lie. No guy wants to talk all night long. Hell, no woman wants to talk all night long, but it’s an incredibly nice thing to say. Give her this sign that you would love talking to her all night and she might throw you a sign that says: “Screw talking, let’s get to some action.” It’s not a hand signal but you will know when it happens.

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that is a great outfit

"That is a great outfit."

The outfit she is wearing was the 800th clothing option for the evening. She put it on and took it off no less than 20 times. Sign that you love her outfit and it shows you are not only paying attention to the way she gets dressed for these meetings, but that her choice was a wise one (even though many of the 800 would have been fine). Make sure to go as far as to pick out an exact piece of clothing to highlight. The shoes are always a smart choice

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im having a great time

"I'm having a great time."

Women want to know that the men they’re with are having a good time. They don’t want to have to come right out and ask (unlike men, who ask every 10 minutes -- back off!). Sign to her during a lull in the conversation that you are having a great time and follow it up with a smile or innocent little touch on the hand or arm. It will ease the situation and she will relax.

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you crack me up

"You crack me up."

Every woman thinks she is hysterical. She believes she’s the funniest one among her friends -- it’s like being the thinnest contestant on The Biggest Loser. Some woman are actually funny and if your woman is quick with quip or the queen of one-liners, give her this sign to tell her she is pretty damn funny. Make sure you’re actually laughing while throwing out the sign -- it really sells it.

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youre definitely the hottest of your group

"You're definitely the hottest of your group."

This is a tough compliment to pull of in any language -- American sign language or plain old English -- but drop it at the right time and a woman will turn as red as her glass of Merlot. Women love their friends, but there is always a quest to be the best-looking one in the group -- it usually goes unspoken. Wait for the moment she is discussing her little clan or retelling a tale about one of their trips out on the town to drop this sign that she is definitely the best-looking woman in the group of lovely ladies.

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