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Top seduction methods

Top Seduction Methods

What does 'inner game' mean?

Inner game primarily means is when you're not, you first notice rules. You're looking out all this books, and reading all this books and telling you what to do what to do. You have recent routine down. Once you got this inner game, that's when you're using what you have, all of your thoughts, all of your experience, all of everything that you've clarated, and that is what your game is now. Those are you new readings, just it goes with the flows, play it by ear.

How can I achieve inner game?

It is not something that is going to happen over night. I mean you see these poor kids on the Pick-Up Artist. You know, they have never seen a girl naked, or some of them have never even had sex, or never even kissed a girl, for god's sake. So it is going to take time. It could take three months. It could take a week for you to get. So it is going to take time. But once you get it down it is like riding a bike.

When will I know if I have inner game?

That's something that is just going to come to you because, I mean once with all the experience that you had, it will finally start coming to you. Like, wow I just said this line and wow it worked, boom, you know, note to self, you have to use that. You'll start noticing, I mean really when you first start to do this, within the first week, you'll realize that you're using what's taught in these books but you can't always use those, you've got to use what you use in everyday life, what comes to you naturally. And I think that's what's so important is when you have that inner gamer is you'll realize that you've got it, you're starting to use what your beliefs are, not what this book says.

If I have inner game will women sleep with me?

You'll know when it comes naturally, because you'll start to go, "wow, all of these things that I learned are just coming really easy now," like "oh I said this." Because, you can't always stick to a script. You can't; it doesn't work. I tried it before; after him reading the book and then him just relaying these questions to me, I went out and tried using some of them. It doesn't work for me. I don't feel that. It's more natural when it just comes. I'm not just going to say whatever the book says. I tried it. I failed. I failed because I'm better than that and I think anybody else can be better than that. Just use your gut instinct.

What is the 'mystery method'?

Approaching a woman. Building a comfort and that level of confidence and comfort with the woman and then boom, go for the kill, seduce.

What is 'double your dating'?

David D'Angelo came out with double your dating or something like that. And I mean, that approach is again, like I said previously, which is kind of funny how I'm using this. But, is being goofier you know. Funny and cocky at the same time.

What are 'Real Social Dynamics'?

A guy in the group who is kind of like the number one guy. You know, he's the guy that is the highest value of the group. And he's the one that everyone wants to be with.

What are pick-up gurus?

Basically a pick-up guru is somebody that has completely mastered being a pick-up artist. It's almost like a teacher. Somebody that has been doing this for several years and is now teaching other people about how to be the ultimate pick-up artist.

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