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Advice On Meeting Women

Advice On Meeting Women

- Where's the best place to meet women?
- Are there places to avoid meeting women?
- What effect does locale have when approaching women?
- What's more important to a woman, a man's looks or his personality?
- What's the key to approaching women?

- How do I know if a woman wants me to approach her?
- How do I psych myself up to approach a woman?
- What do I do if I'm intimidated by women?
- What is the best way to approach a woman?
- What's the best way to stand out at a bar or social gathering?

- How should I approach an especially attractive woman?
- How should I approach a women if she's with friends?
- How should I approach a woman if she's with male friends?
- Can a woman be an effective wingman?

Where's the best place to meet women?

The absolute best place to meet a woman is in your bedroom. Outside of that though, wherever you really feel comfortable, and where your in your powerhouse.

If you love to read books, then meet a woman in a bookstore. If you love to work out and go to the gym, then meet a woman in the gym. If your a social butterfly and you like to go to bars--meet a woman in a bar.

Wherever you feel most comfortable and your most confidant is the best place to meet a woman.

Are there places to avoid meeting women?

Really any place is great for meeting a woman. Especially a place where she normally not "hit on". On the street, at a home improvement centre, even in the supermarket, because women are going to be casual there. And if you approach them in a casual confident manner, they don't feel like you're hitting on them, you're just talking to them.

What effect does locale have when approaching women?

Now, how you approach a woman is completely dictated on actually where you meet them. If you're meeting a woman at a bar or another social gathering -- at a party, something that involves alcohol, usually -- a woman's guard is going to be much higher up than if you met her at, say, a supermarket, or on the street. The approach, no matter what, always has to be one of complete confidence, and not just with your voice and what you say, but actually your body language. And if you're not generally a confident person in life, you really need to train yourself to become more confident. And practice -- you need to practice approaching women.

What's more important to a woman, a man's looks or his personality?

Personality and sense of humour, by far, is more important than looks when it comes to a man meeting a woman. When a man walks into a situation where he sees a woman that he's attracted to, its like a light switch, its like it goes from the on to the off button. With a woman, its different, its like a dimmer. They may not be necessarily attracted to a man physically, they might, but personality and sense of humour, it really will turn that dimmer switch up tremendously, and the woman will slowly begin to fall in love with you.

What's the key to approaching women?

The most important thing to keep in mind when approaching a woman is body language. It doesn't matter what you say to her actually most of the time. How you approach her with your body language is going to speak volumes. If you walk over to her, and you're timid, and you're looking down at the ground and you're insecure and unsure of yourself, the woman is going to pick up on this. However if you walk to her calm and relaxed and confident, she's going to see that as well.

How do I know if a woman wants me to approach her?

You can tell if a woman is interested in you approaching her by her body language and by visual cues. The biggest sign a woman really wants you to approach her is if she looks at you and smiles at you, and she maintains eye contact with you. That is very important. On the male side of that, its crucial that you smile back, and don't look down or break eye contact with her.

Let her do that first. If you break away or look down, its showing that you're timid. So smile back, maintain eye contact. And then, in the next 30 seconds or a minute, go ahead and approach her.

How do I psych myself up to approach a woman?

Even if you're really nervous, and you're not feeling confident when you're approaching a woman, there are three things to keep in mind that will actually help you.

Number one is, no matter how nervous you are, the woman is going to be equally as nervous. Anytime you're in a party situation, everyone is nervous. They're trying to act on their best behaviour, so even if you do something that you think is stupid, she may not even pick up on it.

Which actually takes me to the second point, is that you would be shocked how little people actually care what you say or do because everyone is caught up in their own head. So you might be wearing something, like a hat, that you might feel insecure about and she's not even noticing it when you approach her. You might feel insecure about it but she's not even going to pick up on it.

The third thing is definitely the most important thing, and that's no matter what, regret is worse than rejection when approaching a woman. I cannot tell you how many times I've walked up to a girl and been rejected, but I say to myself, I'm happy because what happens is now I know that I went out there and I tried it. I went after it and she said no. And it probably wasn't even for a personal reason. She wasn't rejecting me, she just was not interested at this time.

Now put that up against when you don't go up to the girl, you don't try to approach her, you don't talk to her. Later that night or the next day you're going to be kicking yourself, asking "Why didn't I at least say hello to that woman?" and that regret will last a lifetime sometimes. So always go up and try to approach a woman because you just never know.

What do I do if I'm intimidated by women?

A good technique to keep in mind in order to help you with the intimidation factor of approaching a woman is to think of it as if you're just meeting a new friend, not as if you're hitting on her. I don't hit on women, this isn't a fistfight--I'm engaging them in conversation. If you had a new guy come into your office, and you went up and introduced yourself to him, you wouldn't be afraid, you wouldn't be timid and intimidated, you would just say "hey", and introduce yourself. It should be the same way when you're meeting a beautiful woman--you're just trying to get to know them as a friend and shouldn't be intimidated.

What is the best way to approach a woman?

As far as approaching a woman, Woody Allen, who is one of my favourite comics, said it best. Which is success is basically 80% showing up. So, as long as you walk up to a woman and you're confident enough to show up and actually say hello to her, you've gone 80% more than most of the guys in the bar in approaching a woman.

What's the best way to stand out at a bar or social gathering?

If you go to a bar or a really big party and there's like hundreds of people there, you want to stand out from the rest of the pack and actually draw a little attention to yourself, especially if you're someone like myself who's not like the type of guy that walks into a place and like every woman turns and is like ooh look he's hot.

That doesn't happen for me; doesn't happen for a lot of guys. So what you do is you use a prop of some sort, an article of clothing, that will draw attention to you. For example, I actually have a hat which says regal beagle, which is the bar from 'Three's Company'. And both guys and girls get a kick out of seeing that because its sort of a conversation starter, and they come and say oh that's so funny, and they talk and it breaks the ice. A great thing a friend of mine used to do is he would actually go to a bar dressed in a robe and pyjamas.

And of course, everyone would walk up to him and be like what are you doing in a robe and pyjamas? And he'd tell them he was going to a sleepover party later that night and he was stopping off at the bar ahead of time to get a drink. Of course he never would up going to the party because he was there and there was no party. And he was meeting so many women, that, you know, he scored tons of digits, and he was having a grand old time right there. So, using a prop or an article of clothing can really help you stand out at a bar or party, and separate you from the other men in the bar.

How should I approach an especially attractive woman?

There is a difference when you try to approach the most beautiful woman in the room, as opposed to all the other women in the room. The beautiful woman is obviously going to be the object of affection of a lot of guys there. So, a lot of men are going to walk up and use cheesy lines like "Oh, you look so beautiful tonight" and "Well that dress makes you look fantastic." She hears this all the time.

So this is really a good situation for you to use the PD, in which you say something that's a slight putdown, such as "Excuse me, but I think there's something in your teeth." This will make her feel much more self conscious, and she'll come down to your level a bit. Another great thing that you can do is actually kind of joke about the fact that other men are coming up to her, and hitting on her.

So if you say something after you see some guy go up to her and being shut down, you could come over, maybe thirty seconds later and say something like "So, are you just going to be turning down all these guys tonight, or do I have a chance." Or even "Hey, there's so many losers in this room tonight. Can I hang around and watch you shoot down another one?" Something that's playful and that you can really get the conversation going with her, and make fun of the fact that you are in social situation that men are coming up to her, and sort of buddy up to her that way is the best way to approach a beautiful woman.

How should I approach a women if she's with friends?

The best way to approach a woman if she's in a group of women is to definitely make friends or talk up the women you are not interested in first. Because what's going to happen is women tend to be very catty in groups. Especially if there is one girl who tends to get hit on all the time, her other friends might be jealous, and so they'll literally try and make it difficult for you to try to talk to actually talk to her.

So the best way to do that is just make friends with one of the girls that you think probably isn't the centre of attention. Another thing you might actually do is ignore the woman that you want and make her envious of your conversation with the other women, almost leaving her out of the conversation. And that will make her want to meet you more. It will almost be a reverse thing where she will actually be hitting on you. That is definitely the best way to approach a woman if she's in a group of friends.

How should I approach a woman if she's with male friends?

Now, one of the greatest things to do at a bar is to actually not approach a single woman, but approach a woman who's in a mixed group of men and women. Because this social situation is very comfortable to her, she's probably with a group of her friends. What happens is, most men are intimidated when they see a woman talking to a man. Chances are if she's in a bar, its not her boyfriend, its just one of her friends and they're there together. So what you do is, you actually go up and approach the group and talk to the man first.

Get his trust, talk about sports, talk about something other than actually women, and use that friendship with him to slowly let him introduce you to the girl. This is actually one of the best ways to meet a woman in an honest and genuine fashion, but approaching women when they are with their male friends.

Can a woman be an effective wingman?

I would say if you are going to use a wingman at all, a woman is an excellent choice because what happens in the bar dynamic or in a social setting, if a woman sees you talking to another woman it makes you more desirable to them. I mean if you literally go with the basic thought of "wow, this guy is talking to an attractive woman - he must have something going on".

Immediately you have instant credit with women in the bar by having a female wingman. So if a woman is working for you and helping chat you up as your wingman, especially when she is talking to women and says how great you are, its fantastic for you and she is really going to help you in meeting women

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